Ace Bargaining Agreement

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July 8, 2020
Agreement Between Insurer And Insured
April 8, 2021

Ace Bargaining Agreement

The first proposals from the collective bargaining processes underway for the years 2020-2023 are available on the central page of staff promotion: here, professional/administrative employees involved in collective bargaining can click, YSU-APAS: YSU APAS Agreement 2018-2021 – represented by YSU-FOP (police officers and police officers) and YSU-ACE (all other classifications): The YSU-FOP Agreement 2018-2021 – ACE Agreement 2017-2020 – Faculty officers are represented by the OEA YSU. Labour relations questions should be directed to Dr. Jennifer Pintar, a provocative Academic Administration. YSU-OAS Agreement 2017-2020 / Faculty Index- The Anchorage Education Association and the Anchorage School District first participated in interest-based negotiations. . Chair: Patrick Freeman, Rector, W.L. Bowman Elementary School . . Human Resources manages labour relations in accordance with the implementation of the agreement. Labour relations employees negotiate contracts, advise administrators on the interpretation and implementation of contracts, represent the administration of the university in the affairs preceding the State Employment Relations Board (SERB) and act as a liaison between the university administration and the workers` unions. The first proposals are available on request from the Ministry of Labour.

Negotiated Agreement: ASD-AEA Negotiated Agreement 2018-2021 The Anchorage School District and the TOTEM Association have agreed to review interest-based negotiations. Negotiated agreement: ACCORD TOTEM 2018-2021TOTEM Website: If you are unable to access the central staff support page, please contact [email protected] for an email copy. The Anchorage School District and the Anchorage Council of Education (ACE) have agreed to consider interest-based negotiations. Youngstown State University has employment contracts with four unions, YSU-ACE (civil service class), YSU-APAS (professional/administrative), YSU-FOP (Police) and YSU-OEA (Faculty). Employment contracts codify wages, benefits and “conditions of employment.” Each contract also imposes an appeal procedure, which is a method of resolving issues of intent or differences of interpretation in an environment free of pressure, hostility, intimidation, and can sometimes require arbitration (third-party intervention). Negotiated agreement: from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2021 CEA website: . ..

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