December 12, 2014
December 12, 2014


I have used Awards Limousine Service, Inc. consistently for the past year, and hold them in the highest regard. In my workplace, attention to detail is key – it is essential to work with a dependable transportation company for our business needs. When changes occur with our programs, which they often do, Awards is always flexible, and it is reassuring that I know I can depend on them to be consistent even in the face of changes in all other aspects of my work. Each and every one of the Awards staff members are easy to work with, enthusiastic, and enjoy building relationships with their clients. This dependability and friendliness truly enables the company to stand out.

I consistently rave about Awards both in and outside of work. Whenever I see an Awards van on the streets of Washington, I check to see who the driver is, because there is a good chance that I’ve worked with him/her before and that they will remember me. This isn’t just to see someone that I know – but rather a testament to the value that Awards places on personal connections. This quality makes the company a true delight to work with.